Friday, December 3, 2010

Its been awhile............

Its been way too long since I have posted on here & I apologize!! The kids & I had a hard time getting used to Joseph being gone but we made it through the long year. Joseph got to come home for 2 weeks at Christmas & we had the best time!! Just hard to see him leave all over again but it still gave us something to look foward to. He made it to Camp Shelby the first part of July, stayed there a week to demob. The kids & I got to go see him for a few days while he was there & then we went home to get things ready for his arrival in Calhoun City. That was the absolute greatest day of the last year to be able to see him walk in the front door of our house!! I was SOO happy!! Our poor babies had no clue what to do with themselves having him there. It was just wonderful:) We took the time to get used to being a family together again & just kind of getting back into the routine of day to day life.
It seems as if nothing seems to have been "calm" since he came home. Our family has gone through a hard time. My papaw went to be with the Lord in August. I am glad he isn't battling his illness anymore & can do all the he wants to do in Heaven now, but it doesn't help missing him at all. Hayes still talks about his Pop & the girls don't understand it still but at that age its hard to. Heck, I'm 29 & I still can't understand it all. I have always said I didn't know what I would do without him in my life & boy was that true. I may not have seen him everyday but I knew no matter what my Papaw was always there for me to give a big hug to & tell him I love him. He is the sweetest, kindest man I have ever met in my life. We all miss him so much each day & I know that will never ever change with any of us.
Like I said, it has been quite the 5 months since Joseph came home. MacKenzie started 2nd grade & she absolutely loves it! She is making all A's & we are quite proud of her! Brianna started Kindergarten & I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to help with this year. For those of you who don't know, she went to Strugis for Pre-K last year & it is such a small, personal school. Sudduth on the other hand is such a LARGE school. It took a little time for my shy girl but now she loves it soo much!! And sweet little Hayes is just being a typical 2 year old boy. He is finally deciding to potty train & I think he is doing rather well. Let's pray he gets it down soon!! LoL
Well, I know this is long but after a year of not updating I had quite a bit to share. I hope everyone is doing well & I will try to update more often & get some new pics on here soon!


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Sunday, October 4, 2009

All is good.....

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has sent a package, coffee, emails, chat messages & most importantly thoughts & prayers to Joseph! We both appreciate all the love & support that our family is receiving during this deployment. It is truly amazing!!

Joseph is doing good. They are staying quite busy the last few weeks. I can tell this deployment is going to go by quickly! He has started doing his missions. I don't ask any questions other than when will you call again. He is not allowed to tell me & I am quite content with that. I just pray every single day many many times a day. We get to skype with him on his off days & he calls everyday that he is on base. This helps the kids out so much & us too. He also has been taking some pics & I am waiting on him to email them to me so that I can get them up on here for everyone to see. I am going to post one of his buddies put on facebook until I can get more!

Again, that you all SO much for everything that everyone has done for us!! And if anyone wants to send him a letter, card or email just email me & I will give you that info. I know it makes his day to hear from friends & family!

Jason & Joseph - One of his best friends ever!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cup of Joe for a Joe

I have had several people ask for Joseph's APO address & I finally have it. Anyone that wants it can email me at for it. He appreciates any & all mail. Also, there is a really neat coffee shop at the base he is, its Green Beans Coffee. I am giving the link to their site in case someone wants to give Joseph a coffee card instead of a package. It is, click on Cup of Joe & then send a cup of Joe. To do this you have to email me to get his Camp name because I am not allowed to post stuff like that on the internet. Just normal military safety. Thanks to all that are reading this blog & following along with our family. And special thanks for all the prayers that are coming our way. We appreciate it SO much!!

With love- Brandy

Friday, August 28, 2009

And so the deployment begins.....

My Solider, My husband:)
Sorry I haven't updated since school started but we have been crazy!! Joseph got a 4 day leave pass to come home from Camp Atterbury. The kids had NO idea he was coming home & they were soo shocked until we got home & finally realized that daddy really was home! It was soo funny!

Brianna wouldn't let me sit beside him on the couch & told me that was HER daddy & NOT mine! hahahaha After day 1 she finally let us sit together. We kept the girls out of school for 3 days. Both of their teachers were extremely understanding & said that is was too important for them to see their daddy.
Since MacKenzie's birthday is September 3rd we went ahead & had a cake for her & Joseph got her the new Hannah Montana movie. Of course she LOVED it!! But she really wanted to celebrate her birthday with her daddy so we did it just a few weeks earlier & I think it meant the world to her!
Aunt Pat cooked all fresh veggies for him & awesome cornbread the first night he was home & then Melanie Buckelew made supper for us the second night & it was so good the girls have already requested since! Thanks Pat & Melanie for such great food!!

We were really lucky to be able to spend the last 4 days at home with him until who knows when! He came home on the 16th & flew back out on the 19th about 6:30pm from Jackson. And I can honestly say we got the most out of our 4 days, it was great & I wouldn't have changed a single thing!Joseph was picked for the advanced party in his unit, meaning he had his leave before the others & he left for over seas before them also. He is now in Kuwait with about 7 others. And the rest of his unit will be shortly behind him. We have gotten to talk to him a few times, I have yahoo messaged with him & we have Skyped twice. All of the wonderful technology we have today will help make this deployment easier for us as a family. He will not have to miss out on quite as much as he did last time & I know it will help the kids also, especially little Hayes.

Please keep Joseph & the entire 858th Horizontal Company in your prayers, along with the families. Prayer, faith & strength is what will get us through the next year.
Also, I have had many ask what he needs & what he address is. I should have his address sometime next week & you can email me at if you want it & if you want to know things he might need or like. Care packages really make their day so much better & we are already getting him some up now!
Well, I promise I will post better but things have just been so crazy around here & I haven't had a free chance to get this done. Please forgive me:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

First day of school!!

Well today is kind of a hard day for me. MacKenzie started 1st Grade today, which I know she will be more than fine!! She loves school & every part of it! Brianna also started school today:( She started PreK at Sturgis. I am sure she is going to love it & do amazing but I am not sure when that will start. For all of you that know Brianna knows what a hard headed little girl she is & if she doesn't want to do it, she's NOT!!
Hayes & I took Brianna to school & Pat took MacKenzie for me. It was hard with Joseph not being here & being about to help, but luckily with have SO much help! Of course MacKenzie was great & even better after she got to see her best friend Tanner.
Brianna got out of the car & carried all her stuff inside & did really great until it was time to sit at her table & color. She never cried but you could tell she wasn't so sure about mama leaving her. Thank goodness my mom came in because I would have either stayed all day or just taken her back home with me hahahahaha Just tears me up not knowing how she is doing. I can't imagine how Joseph feels just being able to see pictures & not be here. We shall get through this too!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Deployment time has come!

Joseph & I the day he left 7-17-09

Well, deployment time has come & boy is it hard already! Things will get much easier I am sure of it! Right now Joseph is at Camp Atterberry Indiana, it is right outside of Indianapolis. He has been in classes, handling medical, financial, getting new equipment & all those fun things for the first 2 weeks. And currently he is out in the field until Thursday & I am praying he is not getting even more sick. Before he left about 60 soliders went to medical & 1 had pnemonia. So they are all germy & spreading it like wildfire!!

Good news is he will be getting leave for 4 days in a few weeks before he leaves with the advanced party to Kuwait to set things up for the rest of the unit. By the end of August he will be in Kuwait & then sometime after the first part of September he should be heading to his FOB in BIAP (Baghdad International Airport). It has been 5 years since Joseph has been in Iraq & boy are things different now! So we honestly have no clue how things will go & how much we will get to talk/Skype with him in the beginning. Of course we hope alot but the reality is probably very little for awhile. But we will get through this & we will be an even stronger family for it!!

I will update on here as much as I know anything & get pictures also as Joseph emails them to me. I ask that everyone please keep our family, Joseph & all his fellow soliders & their families in your prayers. I really appreciate all the love & support we have received already!! It is absolutely amazing!!!

Again, keep checking back here & I will update as much as I know something.
Our precious family!